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Artist's statement


   Life is better when yoûre laughing ». so true, and when people look at my ceramics  they smile or laugh.This doesn’t make my work whimsical, on the contrary, it’s my livelihood, my « raison d’etre » and I take making seriously; but the result has to be light hearted.


   I moved to France a long time ago and have been surrounded by gorgeous countryside. I try to use what I see around me every day to decorate my pieces. The colours, the seasons, nature. animals inspire me. The wild animals and my own personal Zoo; 7 cats, 4 dogs, the chickens and the insects, all these influence my work. I love to watch them and imagine what they might be saying to each other. All of this I try to express on each piece. Every pot has an individual anecdote.

  Over here in France where the life revolves around food, I take great pleasure in designing pots than can be used daily to enhance the enjoyment of that meal, or just simply help to make that bowl of cornflakes a bit more fun. Some people buy them just to look at, some to use them. In any case they are designed to resist and I think that secretely they enjoy being fondled daily! Don’t we all!

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